Shane Borland

Shane Borland

Shane Borland is a two-sport anomaly. He’s been killing it in surfing and skateboarding up and down the California coast, since day one. They call him “Little Man” due to the mature style and power he possesses. When Shano isn’t driving up and down the California coast hittin all the contests he is on a plane, always in search of bigger and better surf worldwide. “Shano” is one of the very few skaters who skates it all. From big tranny to big rails and everything in between. He has a smoothness that makes even the hardest tricks look easy. He has talent beyond his years and the way he attacks surfing and skating he definitely has an amazing, huge future!!

Shane at Rockys. Photo by Tom Hawkins

Shane Borland | Wayno's World

Shane Borland | One Session at Venice Park

Shane-O ripping Venice Skatepark on a summer's day in LA. Video by Brandon Jensen.

Shane Borland | Fall Daze


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