Compression Clothing Benefits

Compression Clothing Benefits

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Made from the same kind of stretchy, supportive materials that make up athletic wear, compression clothes come with a wide variety of benefits designed to enhance your performance, whether you’re training for a marathon or doing leg curls at the gym. For decades, athletes have been experimenting with compression clothing for pain relief and muscle recovery. Here are the main benefits:

Keep Dry During Exercise

Compression gear is moisture-wicking, meaning the fabric wicks moisture away from your body while you exercise, keeping you dry and feeling fresh.

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Maximum Comfort

A solid workout routine requires focus, determination and lasting comfort. That’s why compression garments are go-to essentials for active people. They keep your skin from chafing, minimize friction and stay in place so that you can focus on your workout.

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Enhanced Performance

Compression gear is engineered to improve your performance and flexibility. It acts as a second skin and doesn’t interfere with your movement, while applying pressure to your muscles in a way that allows you to really go the distance when it comes to working out.

Improved Muscle Recovery

Compression clothes compress your body and reduce muscle soreness while you move. It’s been scientifically proven that compression shirts, shorts and pants improve blood flow and oxygenation to support muscle recovery and reduce lactic acid from your body after strenuous, high-intensity workouts.

Mental Edge

The extra blood flow and oxygenation gives you an added edge during activity, both physically and mentally. The increased awareness allows you to push limits and help achieve your fitness goals.

Do Compression Clothes Help with Weight Loss?

Can compression garments help you lose weight? Despite the added benefits to your workout, compression clothing hasn’t been scientifically proven to help with weight loss.

Compression clothing is comfortable, moisture-wicking, performance-enhancing and speeds up muscle recovery. Check out some of our favorites below.