J. Van Ber | RVCA Fairfax

Artist J. Van Ber cruises by the RVCA Fairfax location and sets up an installation for the front window. The window installation will be set up at the store for the next month. Photos by Andrea Dosouto.

Kevin Ancell | Nos Vemos En Venecia

On Thursday evening, October 1st RVCA was proud to present the opening reception for ANP Artist Kevin Ancell's highly anticipated, first-ever solo show: 'Nos Vemos En Venecia', curated by RVCA Founder PM Tenore. The corner of Main Street and San Juan Avenue in Venice, California was a fitting location for the gallery opening, and more importantly, a homecoming for Kevin.

"The idea for Ancell's exhibition was easy. Over the last 15 years with RVCA and the Artist Network Program I have been privileged to curate and be surrounded with so many amazing and talented artists. Ranging from museum shows to pop ups in New York, Austin, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hong Kong. I realized that my dear friend, who I was around more often than not had never had a proper solo show. In that moment we both looked at each other and decided that needed to change... We were going to create a show for him in Venice. It was time for Kevin to come full circle and share his art in the place that began to inform his work. His artistic ability is just the tip of the iceberg, Kev is a true renaissance man." -- PM Tenore

'Nos Vemos En Venecia' will be on view at 1320 Main St Venice, CA until October 15th.

Photos by Delon Issacs and Lyon Herron.

Sunday Collection | Holiday '15 Lookbook

There is only one legitimate way of spending a Sunday. Sleep in late, a hot cup of coffee on the balcony, a late brunch with friends, maybe a little walk around the neighborhood or to the farmers market, and extreme levels of chilling out. Let your hangover wear off in comfortable easy to wear stylish pieces that can easily transition from at-home comfort to cruising about your day. Sundays are about the perfect, no frills, layering pieces meant to be worn under the most simple of dresses or by themselves for a mellow day. Soft fabrics, sexy tomboy styling, and relaxed fits will make you wish that there was a day between Saturday and Sunday. This collection was designed just for you by RVCA. Enjoy your Sunday!

Video by Chad Huff.
Photography by Gyspy One.

Didrik Galasso | RVCA Bowl

RVCA Europe Advocate Didrik Galasso stops by and shreds the RVCA Bowl. Video by Brandon Jensen.

Kevin Ancell | Monster Children

Monster Children stops by ANP Artist Kevin Ancell's Studio in anticipation for his upcoming show Nos Vemos En Venicia. RVCA is proud to support Kevin Ancell in this upcoming show that is understood by many as one "you don't want to miss". The opening reception will be Thursday, October 1st from 7:30-11pm at 1320 MAIN STREET IN VENICE. Film by Todd Glaser.

Aaron Rose | TOTEMS

RVCA Advocate Aaron Rose will be opening his solo exhibition 'TOTEMS' this Thursday, October 1st from 7-9pm at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin. The exhibition focuses on paintings and kinetic sculptures by Rose and will be on view through October 31st.

The works in TOTEMS deal with objects and feelings of desire, and how this relates to different aspects of spirituality – or artificial spirituality – that human beings use to get through the life experiment. Some of the works deal with religion and the tribal aspects of religious iconography, but not in a classical sense. The large faces in the works on canvas represent idols. They could be considered portraits of fictitious gods. The texts on each work relate specifically to various concepts of longing. This could be a desire for meaning, for inspiration, or for love, all of which are reasons that we as humans seek spiritual connection.

RVCA Pro Jr | Newport Beach

This past weekend, RVCA was proud to bring the community together for the WSL RVCA Pro Jr Event in conjunction with the 27th annual City of Newport Beach Surf Championships. With a small swell for the weekend and some of the warmest water temps ever recorded in Southern California, locals, legends, and groms were all smiles in the perfect weather. RVCA Advocate Zak Noyle was on location giving water photography courses while the contest was on. RVCA Advocates Kalani David, Tyler Gunter, Tristan Thompson, Shane Borland, and Colin Moran were competitive forces throughout the contest with Kalani David taking third place behind winner Matt Passaquindici. Photos by Delon Issacs.

Nine Lives | VASF

On September 18th, the Last Cat held their annual show 'Nine Lives' at the RVCA San Francisco location. The show will be on view through October 30th. Photos by Rachel Fern.

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