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In recognition of artists, known & unknown, we present RVCA PLATFORM—This program invites a hand-selected artist each month to create a limited edition design that we release every 30 days on our premium RVCA Red Stitch tees. RVCA PLATFORM products are available on the first of each month at

Hosoi Helps | CHOC Hospital

RVCA is glad to support the Hosoi Helps Foundation in hosting the 1st Annual Kids Art Showcase with all proceeds benefitting CHOC Hospital. November 5th, 2016 from 7-10pm. More details at the Facebook event page.

Warehouse Sale

RVCA is glad to host our annual warehouse sale for 2016. Starting this Friday, October 21st-23rd. More details at our Facebook Event Page. No RSVP needed.

6485 Oak Canyon
Irvine, CA 92618

RVCA Presents 'PIT PALS'

RVCA is glad to bring you 'PIT PALS'. A short surf film featuring Sam Wrench, Bruce Irons, Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, Davey Cathels, and Jay Davies. Press play and enjoy 10 minutes of quality surfing from the RVCA Surf crew!

Film and edit by Tyge Landa.

Filmer Tyge Landa on the idea behind 'Pit Pals': "Pit Pals started 18 months ago when Sam Wrench and myself wanted to make a 10 minute short film. I wanted to include a bunch of the RVCA team and create a fun, nostalgic vibe through the motion pictures as well as a lot of close up imagery. It was an organic production, as silly as that sounds, but it grew naturally, never were sessions forced or pushed to hard. It kind of just came together, editing process was the long winded part, to include everyone, convey their ability and personality somehow, and also have a mix between amp and slow psych. The RVCA team is so diverse each surf guy with so much to offer, it could’ve easily been 25 minute piece but we squeezed it into 10 mins and here it is, Pit Pals starring Sam, Bruce, Davey, Beau, Ellis and Jay.”

Pit Pals | Trailer

RVCA is glad to bring you 'PIT PALS'. A short surfing film featuring Sam Wrench, Bruce Irons, Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, Davey Cathels, and Jay Davies.

Premiering Monday, October 17th exclusively on

Film and edit by Tyge Landa.

Jeremy Leabres | Inspired By...

Jeremy is a skater's skater. And a very well respected one at that. Skateboarding with friends is what it's all about, and it isn't hard to stay inspired when you skate every day with this crew. Watch Jeremy and friends ripping their local park in this installment of our Inspired By series.

Video by Brandon Jensen.

Free Jazz Vein

We're getting stoked to see the full length of Tin Ojeda's 'Free Jazz Vein' -- A 45 minute Experimental Film shot on 16mm. Featuring surfing from DANE PETERSON - KASSIA MEADOR - ALEX KNOST - ELLIS ERICSON - MIKEY DETEMPLE - TREVOR GORDON - TYLER WARREN - DEVON HOWARD - JUSTIN ADAMS -TOMMY WIT - JARED MELL and more.

Biarritz Belza Classic

RVCA was glad to support the Biarritz Belza Classic, a 16-longboarder invitational surf event, took place September 24 at the famous iconic surf location of la Cote des Baques, Biarritz, in France.

With former WSL World No. 2 Antoine Delpero (Bidart, FRA) clinching the very 1st edition of what shall become an annual long boarding happening, there was no shortage of performance during a full day of action blessed with perfect weather and pristine wave conditions. With both male and female competitors gathering in a laid-back authentic moment, it is with great pride that RVCA helped put the inaugural edition up, with a promising future of many more to come.

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