Ryan Rankin is a true waterman by definition. From surfing to spearfishing and free diving, he is devoted to all things aquatic. The ocean has and always will play a major roll in his life. Immersed in a hectic, fast paced world, Rankin finds that his mind is constantly being stimulated. When surfing or cruising underwater, he is able to truly be in that moment and slow his mind down.

Sustainable living and knowing where his food comes from is also an important aspect of Ryan’s livelihood. Hunting for seafood via spearfishing ensures a fresh meal and a killer time in the water.

Aside from his love for the aquatic life, Rankin also pursues his other passion of creating music. He pulls influence from jazz, funk, hip-hop and disco. Using a combination of modern digital based software and vintage hardware, his approach to music is innovative and constantly creates something fresh for the world’s ears to hear.

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