For most of us, summer in Southern California means crowded beaches, warm water, and big south swells brought to us via Mexican hurricanes. Unknown to many, these hurricane swells bring much more than big waves with them. Large pelagic species of fish, non-native to our waters, are also a product of this push of warmer water.

Ryan Rankin utilizes this small window of time to fill his freezer with the freshest fish in the most sustainable way he knows. Spearfishing.

Spearfishing produces literally zero by-catch, creates no harmful waste such as fishing lines, hooks, sinkers etc… and allows one to be ultra selective of exactly what they are taking.

While on a recent trip searching for the elusive Blue fin tuna, Rankin was able to secure a nice mixed bag of Dorado and Yellowtail with a little help from his RVCAxBirdwell trunks, Koahspear gun and Hecs suit. Break out the ginger and soy sauce, the dinner bell’s a ringing!

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