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Imogen Caldwell

Imogen Caldwell. A diamond in the rough from the middle of nowhere. A place called The Bluff. Population: 12. Think barren and desolate. No rain, no tress, just rough terrain where the Australian desert and raw ocean meet. Decisively competitive, and sick of being called a 'kook’ by her older siblings, Imogen started to surf at 17. Learning to surf in the wild west where Tombstones is your local break and you have to worry about a big, fat scary shallow wave that just happens to be shark infested – you learn to surf pretty quickly, and that she did. Equally as comfortable negotiating a 10 foot beachie at the Bluff as she is in front of the camera with effortlessly cool demeanour, Imo by nature personifies the balance of opposites.

Imogen Caldwell | Inspired By...

Imogen Caldwell, a diamond in the rough from Western Australia. Inspired By... Home and Family.

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