Ford Archbold

Ford is a character. He grew up in Newport with his Pops, who happens to be one of surfing's most influential human"˜s of all time Archy. Ford first learned how to surf at Prospect St. when he was just 9. After that you couldn't surf 54th St without seeing him. When his dad Matt moved back to Hawaii Ford chose to split his time between the Doheny house in Newport and his Dad's place on the North Shore. That was a good deal for him and definitely played a huge part in his surfing. Ford now lives across the street from where he first learned to surf, plays bass for Tomorrow's Tulips and is enjoying every second.

Ford & Archy | RVCA

Footage of Ford and Matt Archbold surfing this Summer in Southern California. Song "Got My Black Shoes On" by Matt McCluer. Video by Metal Neck.

Ford Archbold | California Summer

A few Newport Summer sessions and hangouts with Ford Archbold. Music: Fuck You by Matt McCluer, Video by Jimmy James.

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