Carnage Zine: [Snow]bombing New York III Zine

#M6AMABMG $13.00 13

Bombing NY III aka Snowbombing NY documents some of the graffiti on the streets of the city that happened during the snowstorms of the last five years. Featuring MINT, SERF, REMO, SHAUN, SAME, SOZE, GREY, PEAR, KEYS, HOUR, ADEK, LEWY, KATSU, CES, OJAE, GUESS, KLOPS, SEFU, RODA, SNOEMAN, DCEVE, HUESO, VOMET, LIONS, ATAK, NOXER, DEBT and many more.

BNY III is available in an edition of 200 with a screenprinted cover and was printed on extra heavy semi-gloss paper.

Publisher: Carnage Zines

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