Teen Angels x RVCA T-Shirt

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The Teen Angels x RVCA T-Shirt is a Special Edition Teen Angel's Tee with a standard fit and a front/back screenprint. RVCA proudly presents a small run of limited edition t-shirts in support of "Teen Angels" an Exhibition shown at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair. Teen Angel began working working full-time as an artist and writer for Lowrider Magazine in 1977. His art graced the pages regularly and soon after became well-known as ‘The Lowrider Artist’, depicting the Lowrider lifestyle in a fun, whimsical way at a time where that culture was not accepted amongst mainstream society. In 1981 he ventured into publishing on his own and started Teen Angels Magazine; with no constraints, he was able to create the magazine as he wanted featuring artwork, dedications, photographs, poems, and articles all focusing on life in the streets of the Varrios of California and the Southwest. Rejected by larger chain stores, the only place to find Teen Angels Magazine was in liquor stores and small mom-and-pop markets in the ‘hood’. He went on to create over 200 issues which today are highly collectable due to their rarity. Teen Angel passed away in early 2015 but his legacy lives on.

  • 50% cotton, 50% poylestrer

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