Some Kind Of Vocation

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Cheryl Dunn's first retrospective book delves into the worlds of street art, graffiti and life on the margins of America. For Dunn, street art isn't just about images, it's a way of viewing the world. In artists like Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, and Chris Johanson, Dunn found shared sensibilities: they were all documenting urban life and its discontents in their own unique ways. And so she documented the artists as much as their shared subjects, along the way compiling an impressive body of portrait and documentary photography of the street art scene as well as a moving group of images of urban America. The accompanying sixty-minute film documents thirteen American artists (Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, Mike Mills, Ed Templeton, Margaret Killgallen among them) who were invited to Tokyo to mount simultaneous exhibitions in 2001. Through candid interviews, riveting footage of art in action (and a massive demolition derby in the streets of Tokyo), the film captures these artists just before they broke through to the mainstream. The DVD includes almost a dozen extras.

Author: Cheryl Dunn
80 pages
Published October 1, 2007


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