Lele Saveri: Incubi et Succubi

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"...The book—a psychodrama—instead finds coherence in themes and in emotions, in the surprising archaism of the figures that appear to him in dreams. The books is a repertory of archetypes, ancient ghosts with flowing gowns, atmospheres that, at times, reminds me of The Somnambulist by Ralph Gibson and, at times—the images of the infested houses of Staten Island—reminds me of Ted Serios’s “thoughtographs” in which he exposed the film with an obstructed lens, directly with his mind. It is often like that here: Incubi et Succubi “like the Veronica Veil and the Turin Shroud, were images made not by human hands, but by mysterious external forces” (Harvey again). And if it is true that the invisible becomes visible with the intent of changing our point of view, then it is also true that openly confronting our demons has the thaumaturgical power of making them vanish—at least until the following night."

-Selva Barni, editor, Fantom - Photographic Quarterly

Lele Saveri was born in Rome. He studied photography at the University of Greenwich, in London. His photos combining dreams and reality, blending staged images with snapshots, but somehow always timeless. In the photographs, as in the dreams, there’s a incoherence, a free association of turmoils, surprises, sex, laughter, danger, fear, enigmas, exorcisms.

Lele is currently based in New York, where he collaborates with various publications, including Apartamento, D della Repubblica, Rivista Studio, Rolling Stone, Sang Bleu, L’Uomo Vogue, Vice. In addition to working as photographer, he curates the online gallery Ithoughtiwasalone.com together with Serena Pezzato. They have had curated shows in London, Venice, Milan, and Bilbao.

Limited edition of 500 copies.
Artist: Lele Saveri; Editor:Serena Pazzato; Cover: Alessandro Maida
88 pages.
Publisher: Seems Books

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