Mel Kadel: It Rained All Day

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It Rained All Day is a limited edition release of a full color narrative based on the original song by ((SOUNDER)) and includes a double-sided vinyl 7" of the recording. The music of ((SOUNDER)) is more then a component of musician Michael David Aho's overall creative output. It is the foundation of an all too-inviting world he has constructed - a world filled with bitter ironies, thinly veiled beauty and the threat of a trap door with every footstep. Using thick layers of hand cut paper, Mel Kadel's texture-rich illustrations are often reminiscent of engravings. Her reoccurring characters constantly take on new obstacles and adventures while maintaining a consistent aesthetic, giving her work a long-noted sense of interconnectivity and balance. Kadel's illustrations paired with Aho's original composition have created a landscape of remarkable complexity and depth. The duality of the book as both a piece of art and a songbook creates something captiVAting for adults and the very young alike.

Artists: Mel Kadel; ((SOUNDER))
36 pages
Published 12/6/2012
Publisher: Unpiano Books

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