RVCA x Astrodeck Collection

Ever the Pioneer, Herbie Fletcher continually sets out to change surfing. In 1976, Herbie started a revolution in performance surfing with his surfboard traction pads, Astrodeck. Through the years, Herbie has worked with the best surfers in the business and created the Wave Warriors video series to promote the Astrodeck brand.

RVCA is proud to present the Astrodeck x RVCA collection, a collaboration that has been in the making for many years through a deep friendship between the Fletchers and RVCA founder PM Tenore.

Herbie Fletcher | Inspired By... Astrodeck

Herbie Fletcher, Inspired By... Astrodeck. RVCA Advocate Herbie Fletcher gives us some background on Astrodeck and its deep history that still inspires him today in this Installment of our Inspired By... Series. Photography courtesy of the Fletchers. Video by Blaine Suque.

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