RVCA Platform | Ukyo Kamigori

This month's curated RVCA Platform T-Shirt, "Past, Present, Future" comes from Ukyo Kamigori. Born in Tokyo in 1969, Ukyo comes from traditional calligraphy ancestry. His grandfather started a school called Onchi Calligraphy research study group in Tokyo. Ukyo was taught by his father while growing up with a strong influence in Tokyo culture inculding music, surf, skate and fashion.

"Past, Present, Future" represents Ukyo's take on RVCA's brand mantra of The Balance of Opposites, combining his approach to cross East and West, traditional culture and modern culture. This limited edition tee has a front, sleeve, and back screen print by Ukyo Kamigori.

The symbols on the sleeve of the shirt represent air, land, oil, water, yin, and yang. The symbols on the back of the tee represent past, present, and future.

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