RVCA Platform | Brad Phillips

In recognition of artists, known & unknown, we present RVCA PLATFORM—This program invites a hand-selected artist each month to create a limited edition design that we release every 30 days on our premium RVCA Red Stitch tees. RVCA Platform Tees are printed in limited quantities and only available on RVCA.com.

The third release of our RVCA Platform program features artwork by Brad Phillips. Phillips is a contemporary painter and writer from Toronto, Canada. Aesthetically, he is noted for his photorealistic style and often references his own photographs to compose his paintings. Best known for his sense of satire and dark humor, Brad calls his work highly biographical and likens his style to "Confessional Poetry". Brad's ‘Provisional Still Life’ tee is limited to 50 prints and is exclusively available at RVCA.com.

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