Rankin | Costa Rica

There are a few good ways to spend your time during the months of fall, just as summer begins to disappear and we brace for the cold. For Ryan Rankin, this meant a month long trip to Central America.. There’s really no better way to ease the pain of losing summer than to head on down to tropical weather and warm waters. Cruising around on a scooter searching for untouched waves and spots to dive became the norm. Recently becoming an ambassador for Sea Sniper Spear guns and DiveR fins, Rankin decided testing out some new gear was a great excuse to stay in the 80-degree water all day. Ryan tapped into the kind of lifestyle that most of us only get to visit in our day dreams; surfing perfect waves, spearing the freshest fish and slowing down to a simpler pace. You can’t really ask for more out of life.

Photos by Tony Roberts & Chelsea Jeheber

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