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RVCA Advocate NYLO's new ep / mixtape titled 'Indigo Summer' is now available to stream and download. We also caught up with NYLO with an exclusive interview about the making of the ep.


Indigo Summer tracklist:
01. Nobody Has To Know (Produced By: Tricky Stewart)
02. Fool Me Once (Produced By: Soundz)
03. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Produced By: Boogie, Cash, Nylo)
04. Cocaine Hearts (Produced By: Fisticuffs, Nylo)
05. Take it Back (Produced By: 55 Billion, Nylo)
06. Blurred Lines (Produced By: Nylo)
07. Rent Free (Produced By: 55 Billion)




"RVCA Advocate NYLO recently released her EP titled Indigo Summer. We caught up with her and got the lowdown on the making of this album.


What was the inspiration behind the title, "Indigo Summer"?

"'Indigo Summer' was inspired by my life after making the Memories Speak EP.  'Memories Speak' was in response to a really specific time in my life.  I went through a mind and body transition where I had to learn to put forgiveness, healing, and moving on into practice.  It was a little bit of a dark time, I was upset a lot, but it gave me the chance to get it out of my system so I could experience a different side of life again.  'Indigo Summer' pretty much documents the time immediately following that and if I could describe it, I would say it was like the color began to come back into my life.

I got to fall in love with life again, with music again, with people… and all of that came with a lot of different emotions.  Im still learning a lot of things, and as I go through everything I just write it down.  From doing that over the last year came 'INDIGO SUMMER' and 'INDIGO ROSE,' but 'Rose' isn't out yet.

Do you have a favorite song on the EP? Why?

The track "Nobody Has To Know"  was where I really got to flex my R&B muscles and work with a good friend, Gilbere Forte,' which was a lot of fun.  'Breakfast At Tiffany's' was pretty special song because I wrote it at such an incredible time, however it was coming from a really sad place.  At the time, I felt as though I had found the love of my life and I was terrified that I would mess it all up!  That song was written while I was in my living room waiting to get picked up, thinking about what my life would look like if I ever messed it up.  'Cocaine Hearts' has also been pretty special, it started as a poem, but because of people who have reached out to me with their responses, its become a favorite as well.  It was written about addiction, self denial, and the false sense of freedom that they offer.  The whole poem was written in 30 seconds and I didn't change a thing, those are always the best.

Who were you most excited to work with?

I was so excited to work with everyone!  I walked into these sessions with people,  some I had never heard of, and some who have sold millions of album.  I get such a rush because I only work with people I admire and I want them to love me too, so there is all this adrenaline and its amazing.  I got to work with a bit of a legendary producer, Tricky Stewart. That was cool.  I was trying not to think about it honestly because he has worked with artists, from Beyonce to Mariah Carey to The Dream. I was definitely nervous.  Tricky is so incredible at his work and the song was done before I even realized we had started.

Do you have any plans to tour?

At the moment I am planning out a tour for October.  I have been playing a lot of shows throughout the last year, but a lot of things were always out of my control.  I would get flown somewhere and not get to bring my band, or I wouldn't get to have a sound check, or I would be in a place where it was really hard to hear. At this point a lot of those details are worked out so we're going to get to bring the music to people in the way I always dreamed.  I can't wait."


What would be your dream venue to perform in?

Madison Square Garden or the Hollywood Bowl.  Magical places.

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