Mechanical Living Room

This Monday, July 24th, Aaron Rose will be hosting a unique evening called Mechanical Living Room at The Friend in Silverlake. Our idea is that this will become a monthly event as an opportunity for artists of all disciplines to come together in a unique setting. Part exhibition, part performance, and part salon, we’ll be playing music, hosting lectures, screening films and showing artworks by an eclectic group of wonderful creative minds. The event is purposely early (7-10pm) and should be a really fun and entertaining evening. Come by for a drink or some eats from the kitchen!

Here’s the line-up for Monday:

Artist Lecture by Peter Shire.Peter Shire (born 1947, Los Angeles, California) is one of the original members of the Milan-based Memphis group. Throughout his career he has challenged the rigidity of modernist vocabulary is established as one of the essential contributors to the postmodern critical debate. His recent retrospective, Naked Is The Best Disguise was at MoCA from April 22 - July 2, 2017.

Film Screening by Environmental Communications.Environmental Communications are a media collective founded in the late 1960s. Working mostly from a studio on Windward Avenue in Venice, their work became synonymous with Los Angeles postwar Southern California that was as freewheeling and thrillingly ad hoc as it was ragged around the edges. We will be screening a special edit of their 1974 two-screen video work Big-Ass Color-TV Show.

Artworks by Natalie Krim. Artist Natalie Krim creates single-line illustrations that incorporate themes of sex, lingerie, kink and erotica in a way that is beguiling and lovely. Her highly suggestive drawings are at once erotic and disturbing, interlaced at times with provocative images of herself. Her aesthetic is sensitive, vulnerable, innocent and dark. Natalie will exhibit recent drawings and works on paper.

Live Performance by Money Mark.Money Mark is an American producer and musician, best known for his collaborations with the Beastie Boys, David Byrne, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs- among many others. A life-long musical adventurer, Mark has never ceased to be one the most innovative personalities in music. Money Mark will perform using a hand-built innovation utilizing vintage player-piano rolls and a synthesizer.

DJ Sets by Chulita Vinyl Club. Chulita Vinyl Club was launched in December, 2014 as an all-girl all-vinyl club for self-identifying women of color in the context of providing a space for empowerment and togetherness. They stand united as a female DJ collective spanning seven national chapters bringing together a community of vinyl loving girls.

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