Kelsey Brookes | Psychedelic Space

On Saturday, September 5th Quint Gallery in San Diego held a book signing for ANP Artist Kelsey Brookes' new print publication 'Psychedelic Space'. The gallery will be showing this new book and a selection of new paintings by Kelsey through September 26th.

Kelsey Brookes' book Psychedelic Space embodies the current work of this fascinating artist perfectly. Originally trained as a biochemist, Brookes initially favored figurative forms when he first veered into his art career. Over time, his paintings became ever more vibrant and abstract. Psychedelic Space is concerned exclusively with documenting Kelsey s more recent paintings, explosive renderings that are equally plausible as photos of the cosmos or subatomic particles. In this case, however, they ve sprung directly from the mind of this evocative artist. As Brookes first monograph, Psychedelic Space features a broad variety of printing techniques and special additions paying homage to Brookes non-traditional artistic journey. Gatefold spreads, a sticker sheet, and a clear molecular overlay on his stunning LSD piece, along with a booklet bound within and glow-in-the-dark cover text, bring the mind-changing experience of Brookes art to life. Commentary includes essays by Hamilton Morris, Leoni Bradbury, Richard M. Doyle, and a visual essay by Ryan McGinness, as well as a dialogue with Kelsey Brookes by Anthony Kiedis.

Photos by Delon Issacs.

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