Kelsey Brookes ANP Wetsuit Jacket

RVCA releases it's first wetsuit available to the public. The RVCA x Kelsey Brookes ANP Wetsuit Jacket featuring artwork by ANP Artist Kelsey Brookes by from the makers of Axxe. This wetsuit jacket is available in limited quantities at and select retail stores. Shop the RVCA x Kelsey Brookes ANP Wetsuit Jacket.


This jacket has been manufactured in Japan by C-World Company, the premier maker of Japanese wetsuits. This wetsuit is made from innovative and proprietary materials, balancing the unparalleled suppleness of the rubber and linings with high performance and functionality. This means more warmth and less paddle restriction. Thirty-five years of handcrafted mastery and rigorous testing have led to these optimum performance suits.

Each wetsuit is individually numbered, featuring artwork by RVCA ANP Artist Kelsey Brookes. You can also see on the attached quality control card the personal stamp of each worker involved in making this suit. Enjoy this wetsuit, it will enhance your surfing experience.

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