Elliot Francis Stewart | Kneecaps

Known Gallery with support from RVCA's Artist Network Program presents Elliot Francis Stewart 'Kneecaps'. opening reception is April 19 from 8-11pm and will be on view through May 3, 2014.

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
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Hello Los Angeles,

My name is Elliot Francis Stewart. Thank you very much for allowing me to show my pictures here and I hope you can enjoy them. These are images from my life here in Auckland. Sometimes I see Auckland as a miserable shit hole on an island of mud in the middle of nowhere but mostly, I live here and it’s all that I can see with my eyes. There are similarities between our cities – motorways everywhere and general heat and frustration all over the place but people loose their minds and are desperate all over God’s earth and I still love my life. I hope you love your life as well.

Thank you if you cared to look or not.

Little Elliot


Born in 1982, Elliot Francis Stewart is the third youngest of nine children and grew up in the Eastern Auckland suburb of Pakuranga. He spent his childhood engrossed in comic books and creating elaborately rendered drawings of galleons and scenes of war.

In 1996 his family relocated to the inner city neighborhood of Grey Lynn and he attended the now defunct Auckland Metropolitan College, an alternative school where he met his tight-knit crew of friends who became known as the RFC (Rat Fink Club) crew.

Initially garnering a reputation for his often-offbeat cartoon-based graffiti, Elliot aka Deus became part of TMD (The Most Dedicated) in 2001 and quickly established himself as the foremost talent in character based work in aerosol. Furthermore his early Auckland shows at The Gully Lounge in St Kevin’s Arcade and Disrupt Gallery, allowed him to showcase elaborate and influential illustrative works often created on found objects in common house paint and ballpoint pen.

Elliot currently lives in Auckland and works as an artist and freelance illustrator.

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