Deadbeat Club | Full Release

RVCA presents Dead Beat Club: Full Release photo show and zine release party with ANP Artist Ed Templeton and fellow dead beaters Devin Briggs, Grant Hatfield, Dennis McGrath & Tobin Yelland. Show is Friday October 17, 2014 from 6-10pm. Read more for more about the artists & samples of their work.

1347 Loma Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90804

Devin Briggs: Devin Briggs was born in a moving car in 1990, and has lived in Huntington Beach, California ever since. He likes skating, taking pictures, making zines, and playing with his cat. Instagram: @devinbriggs

Nolan Hall: Growing up surfing the beaches of Southern California, Nolan found an amazing opportunity to shoot and capture a lifestyle that would define his photography. Looking thru his catalog of photos is a glimpse of “The Day In The Life of Nolan Hall.” They are not tried, but genuine, just a bunch of good friends enjoying laughs and hanging out, and Nolan is there to capture those moments. Having worked at RVCA when ANP Quarterly was in its beginning stages, gave him an amazing opportunity to work alongside such artists as Aaron Rose, Barry McGee, Ed Templeton and many others. Working with such well established artists gave Nolan a unique opportunity to help his own photography career develop in a professional and sophisticated style. He currently works in Vans’ marketing department as the surf program’s team manager. Instagram: @nolannow Twitter: @nolan__hall

Grant Hatfield: Grant Hatfield is a Southern California native who currently resides in Long Beach, CA. His natural habitats include: the beach, the streets, skate parks and thrift stores. Grant is happiest when he is lurking with his camera, going to shows, surfing, skateboarding and when he’s with his girlfriend and muse, Ashley. Instagram: @Insta_Grant

Dennis McGrath: Los Angeles-based photographer Dennis McGrath was born in 1969. Classically trained in black-and-white photography, McGrath prints most of his work by hand in the darkroom. As a skateboarder in the mid 1980s, Dennis McGrath was drawn into photography and that eventually led to a decade-long career shooting for major skateboard publications worldwide. In 2004 he began shooting on the sets of adult films, documenting behind-the-scenes from his outsider’s perspective. A portion of this work was published in his limited edition book titled “Theatrical Properties” (Super Labo, Japan). His work has been exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London. He recently spoke with us about his Virgin America commission and his preference for shooting with film. Instagram: @dennis_mcgrath

Ed Templeton: Ed Templeton (b. 1972) is a professional skateboarder and artist based in Huntington Beach, California. He has exhibited his artwork worldwide, as well as being part of the seminal Beautiful Losers exhibition and feature film. He owns a skateboard company called Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company that has been in business since 1993. In 2008 a book of Templeton's photographs, Deformer, was published in Italy and recently won first prize at the International Festival of Photography in Rome. Templeton is represented in the United States by Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Culver City, California. Instagram: @tempster_returns Twitter: @templetoned

Tobin Yelland: Tobin Yelland first picked up his stepdad’s camera and took a class at the De Young Museum at fourteen years old. A year later, he had his first photograph published in Thrasher Magazine. Since then, Tobin’s career as a photographer and filmmaker has flourished among the skateboarding industry and beyond. Working on projects with Ed Templeton, Aaron Rose, Josh Leonard, and Jon Barlow producing documentaries like Beautiful Losers, and commissioned jobs from Nike, DC, Casio, The New York Times, Sony & Vans. Instagram: @tobinyelland Twitter: @tobinyelland

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