Blake, 2012

RVCA San Francisco, and THIS los angeles present BLAKE, 2012RVCA San Francisco, and THIS los angeles are pleased to present an exhibition of new works by California-based artist Blake E. Marquis. The exhibition, entitled BLAKE, will open September 7th and run through October 7th. RVCA is located at 1485 Haight Street, San Francisco.The exhibition and window displays will consist of paintings, sculptures, prints, and still life works. Marquis displays his artistic range through a number of mediums, including surfboard works created in collaboration with Santa Barbara shaper Ryan Lovelace, wood works created with Chris Earl and large installations born from Marquis' vine pattern, made famous by his global campaign with Ray Ban and early work with Shepard Fairey. In BLAKE, Marquis illustrates the intrinsic value and beauty in functional objects, displaying such creations alongside his more traditional works to explore the balance between function and aesthetic gratification. As demonstrated in Blake, what is found in seeking this balance is often an overlap; a place of equilibrium that favors a blending of the two ideals.For a preview of the work visit

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