Tanner Prairie | Inspired By...

Tanner Prairie, Inspired By... The Previous Generation of Board Builders. Tanner has been shaping boards and contributing to the surf community in his hometown for a while now, and it doesn't seem like he plans on stopping anytime soon. See what inspires him in this installment of our Inspired By series.

Video by Blaine Suque.

Rafael Gonzalez | Inspired By...

"Rafael Gonzalez is a Panama based film-only photographer. His love for film started through skateboarding and it evolved into a perspective diary of his constant travels. See what inspires him in this installation of our Inspired By... series.

Video by Milorad Vardic.

BJ Penn | Inspired By...

"Everybody has talent. You gotta do something with it. You gotta go make something out of it." -- BJ Penn, Inspired by the infinite possibilities of martial arts.

Hear from longtime RVCA family member BJ Penn in this installment of our Inspired by series and check out BJ's new VA Sport tee collection for this season here.

Video by Change for Balance.

Lily Meola | Ohana Music Festival

A few clips of RVCA Advocate Lily Meola's performance at the Ohana Music Festival this past weekend in Dana Point, California.

Video by Brandon Jensen.

Kailin Curran | Welcome to the Family

Kailin Curran was Born and raised in Ewa Beach, Oahu. Growing up her foundation was wrestling and kickboxing, which opened the door into becoming a professional mixed martial artist and earning the title as the first Hawaiian female fighter into the UFC. Kailin enjoys the ocean and the outdoors when she is not in the gym training to the the best in the world.

We are excited to welcome Kailin Curran to the RVCA Family. Video by Change for Balance.

The Thrill is Back | Rincon

Herbie Fletcher has got us missing winter in this installment of our Thrill is Back series, featuring vintage water footage at Rincon.

Womens Fall '16 Collection

Yvonne Logan and Abrielle Stedman shot by Chad Huff in DTLA for our Fall '16 Collection. Video by Chad Huff.

Ed Templeton | Inspired By...

"Nothing is too small to be inspiration." Ed is always bringing the obscure and average to light, documenting and sharing his perspective that evokes a familiarity in all of us.

Video by Brandon Jensen.

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