Aloha Aina Warrior Premiere at Newport Film Festival

Monday April, 30 is a screening of Aloha Aina Warrior at the Triangle Cinema in Costa Mesa, CA for the Newport Beach Film Festival. For tickets visit here. This documentary tells the story of RVCA Advocate, Dustin Barca, and his efforts to protect his home from the agro-chemical companies that have poisoned his community and threatened his cultures way of life, by embarking on an epic battle going head-to-head with the largest chemical corporations in the world.

Join Dustin Barca and the RVCA family for this special screening. For tickets to this premiere, click here.

ALOHA AINA WARRIOR is a documentary presenting an unflinching look at the reality of chemical testing for genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) on the West side of the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i, or as the locals call it, “Poison Valley.” ALOHA AINA WARRIOR is Directed and Produced by John Michael McCarthy and Roddy Tababatabai, of Change For Balance.

Hawai'i is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world but it has a very dirty secret. The smallest island on the chain, Kaua’i, is ground zero for chemical testing. Today, 17 times more “restricted-use” pesticides are sprayed per acre on Kaua’i than anywhere else in the U.S. and cancer rates and birth defects on the island are much higher than the national average. After members of his community begin to fall ill, professional surfer and undefeated professional fighter Dustin Barca leaves behind his career as a professional athlete to focus single-handedly on exposing the dark world of unregulated chemical testing and the corruption within the Kaua'i government that allows these practices to continue. ALOHA AINA WARRIOR shows first hand how, after exhausting every other option, Dustin makes the decision to run for Mayor of the County of Kaua’i and embarks on an epic battle going head to head with the largest chemical corporations in the world. Through this unlikely journey Dustin finds a way forward for his community, himself, and all of us. An Alohā Aina Warrior in Hawaiian culture is a warrior who fights to protect the land, Dustin Barca is the embodiment of this ideal.

Margaux Arramon Tucoo Collection

This season we collaborated with RVCA Advocate Margaux Arramon Tucoo to create a Special Edition collection for both our Mens and Womens line. Margaux is a French traveler, surfer and painter. Her close ties to nature and the ocean combined with a creative upbringing have inspired her incredibly stylish surfing. This collection incorporates Margaux's marble art prints into trunks & swim pieces, along with her block prints into a trunk, tee & button up.

RVCA MV | Store Grand Opening

April 13th marked the grand opening of our new RVCA Store, located in Orange County,CA at The Shops at Mission Viejo. We celebrated the evening with music, drinks, and a live art installation by Advocate, Mark Oblow. Oblow's installation is complimented by other original works in the space, including hand painted pieces by ANP artists, Steve "Espo" Powers and Defer.

Special thanks to our amazing team for creating an incredible space that represents RVCA and everything the brand stands for.

Yuri Goncalves | Sumatra

Yuri Gonçalves drawing lines amongst the perfect waves in Sumatra.

Video by Bruno Zanin

Zak Noyle | Surfline's Talk Story

via Surfline

Hawaiian water photographer Zak Noyle recounts his harrowing experience shooting the 2016 Memory of Eddie Aikau event. With 50+ foot waves at Waimea Bay, Noyle spent eight hours straight in the lineup with no food or water -- and came away with some of the heavies images ever taken during the famed event.

(click here to watch video)

Anywear Swim Lookbook | Summer '18

Summer never ends in California. This season we head out to San Francisco with RVCA advocate Andrea Dosouto and our friends Gana & Dajana, passing through the city in our latest collection of one pieces and swim separates. We search the city for unfamiliar territory, late nights, and new horizons. There is always somewhere to escape and from sunrise to sundown we don't let Summer end. We hope you enjoy our Anywear Swim Lookbook for Summer '18. Photographed by Andrea Dosouto. Shop the full Swim Collection.

RVCA Store Grand Opening - Mission Viejo, CA

Join us this Friday on April 13th for our RVCΛ Store - Grand Opening - at The Shops in Mission Viejo, CA. There will be live art, music, refreshments and raffles. Celebrate with us and meet our team, including Advocate Mark Oblow who will be in-person painting a mural for the new space.

17th annual Irons Brothers Classic

We were honored to support the 17th annual Irons Brothers Classic over the past weekend in Hanalei, Kauai. This event was started by the late Andy Irons and brother Bruce Irons, along with their family, to give back to the community of Kauai. The aloha spirit was alive the all day and the waves were firing for the kids, making it another incredible event. Tamba Surf Company said it best, "Thank you to all our amazing volunteers for you years of dedication. Mahalo to the Irons family and all the sponsors for making this the best day of the year in Hanalei."



Advocate, Alex Knost, sat down with Surfer Magazine to talk about his approach to surfing, shaping surfboards, and much more in "Adrift with the Vanguard". Read it here.

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