Kala Alexander | Inspired By...

Kala Alexander, Inspired By... Hawaii. Hear from RVCA Advocate and Hawaiian Native Kala Alexander on his passion for the water and his history with RVCA in this installment of our Inspired By... series. A portion of the proceeds from the Kala Signature Boardshorts will benefit the Mauli Ola Foundation: a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals living with genetic diseases. Video by Etienne Aurelius.

Sage Vaughn | Slow Culture LA

'Just Tell Me You're A Dream Chaser', a new exhibition from ANP Artist Sage Vaughn and Jeremy Shockley opened up at Slow Culture LA last Friday night. RVCA Staff Photographer Delon Isaacs was there to snap a few photos of the evening. The exhibition will run through May 7th.

Christiaan Conradie | Galerie 55

Get a glimpse into the artwork of RVCA Artist Christiaan Conradie from his latest exhibition at Galerie 55 Belle Chasse. The exhibition will be open until April 10th.

"Christiaan remains faithful to his own truth and encounter with the arts; his work stems from a sensitive creative process that transforms his ideas into creation. Surfing, listening to his favourite bands, admiring the creations and works of others which inspire him, travelling… are instances conserved in his experience which serve to make tangible his diverse ideas and artistic creations: painting, urban art, photography, drawing and installation." --- Andrea Avina.

Sage Vaughn | Reflections to A Muse

ANP Artist Sage Vaughn recently opened the 'Alexis Ross Museum' to house his latest exhibition, Reflections To A Muse. "This exhibition's title, 'Reflections To A Muse' illustrates this relationship perfectly. Just as Kiki de Montparnasse was inspiration to the photographs of Man Ray or George Dyer the twisted subject of Francis Bacon's most memorable works, Alexis ross plays mirror to Sage Vaughn. While the exhibition is without a doubt a tribute to a strong personality that has had an enormous effect on the artist's growth as a creative being, it cannot be denied, that through this reflection, Vaughn is in fact painting his way back to himself." --- ANP Artist Aaron Rose.

Photos by Matt Barlow and Brandon Jensen.

Garden Route | South Africa

Half way between Cape Town and World Famous Jbay are clusters of right point breaks, condensed in a popular area know as the Garden Route. Here, RVCA Advocates Donovan Zoetmulder, Ricky Basnett, and Simon Fish explore the 300km stretch of rugged country and uncrowded waves to give us all an insight of what the raw tip of South Africa has to offer. "I surf this coastline regularly but this time round, going off the beaten track, I got to check out new areas I had never seen before and surf with just myself and two mates. It's incredible to see how untouched our coastline is," says Donovan.

Photos by Greg Ewing. Video by Gumboot.

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