Biarritz Belza Classic

RVCA was glad to support the Biarritz Belza Classic, a 16-longboarder invitational surf event, took place September 24 at the famous iconic surf location of la Cote des Baques, Biarritz, in France.

With former WSL World No. 2 Antoine Delpero (Bidart, FRA) clinching the very 1st edition of what shall become an annual long boarding happening, there was no shortage of performance during a full day of action blessed with perfect weather and pristine wave conditions. With both male and female competitors gathering in a laid-back authentic moment, it is with great pride that RVCA helped put the inaugural edition up, with a promising future of many more to come.

Shane Borland | Wayno's World

RVCA Advocate Shane 'Shane-O' Borland ripping around California last winter. Video by Hunter Martinez.

RVCA x Zak Noyle Signature Bag

Introducing the signature Zak Noyle camera bag designed from the ground up by Zak himself. Read what Zak has to say about the design process and shop the Zak Noyle Bag here.

We wanted to create fashion yet major function throughout. Everything has a reason on size or the way it closes. The camera compartment on the bottom was selfishly sized to fit my exact cameras as I have the largest height of any Canon camera body made so you know every DSLR camera will fit without being too tall. And yes my full size SPL Waterhousing with two handles on the sides fits in the top and closes! The top features a roll down and clip-to-close function; this allows you to have more or less room as you need for different items packed. - Zak

Jason Parillo | Inspired By...

RVCA Advocate Jason Parillo, Inspired By... Fighting. 'Parillo', as we know him, is a staple in the RVCA Gym. Working towards one goal with everyone, from beginners to UFC Champions: To achieve their best. See what inspires him in this installment of our Inspired By... series.

Video by Change for Balance.

East Coast | Ellis, Beau, & Sam

Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, and Sam Wrench trading off tubes during a fine winter on the East Coast of Australia. Video by Nathan Foster.

Music by Freckles.

Recap | RVCA Pro Jr

RVCA was glad to present the WSL RVCA Pro Jr and Newport Beach City Championships this past weekend at 56th Street. This year's event was one for the books with amazing waves and weather providing for a great weekend bringing our community together. A big thanks to all of our sponsors and the community for making this event a memorable one. Congrats to RVCA Advocate Tyler Gunter on taking the win in the Pro Jr!

Photos by Delon Isaacs and Stan Sievers.

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