In Miami, FL last weekend, we celebrated the launch of our first ever RVCA Sport Womens collection with a product wear test event. We kicked off our morning at the boutique boxing studio Sobekick, with a high-intensity boxing workout led by professional boxing coach and RVCA Advocate, Jason Parillo. Parillo pushed everyone to their limits, maxing out with lung-busting cardio routines and heavy-handed bag work.

We're very excited about this next evolution of RVCA Sport and look forward to doing many more training events and workout meetups. Follow us @rvcasport & @rvca_womens on Instagram to stay up to date with our next events and collection drops.

Special thanks to the athletes, influencers, and guests that took their energy level to 100 and celebrating the debut of RVCA Sport Womens. We'd also like to extend big thank yous to Tone It Up , Hydroflask , Healthade , Sanabul Boxing Gloves , Bollare, and Sobekick for their support.

|| View the new RVCA Sport Womens collection here ||

The Evolution of RVCA Sport | Womens

Fall 2018 launches RVCA’s highly anticipated women’s RVCA Sport collection. Blurring the line between Street & Active, RVCA Sport breaks free of the traditional active market with a rebellious attitude to disrupt the status quo. Each style is designed for a multifunctional approach to dressing for easy styling from your workout to the street. We have collaborated with world class athletes and RVCA advocates to develop a line that is the perfect balance of function and fashion. This is RVCA Sport.

Images feature RVCA Advocate Sage Erickson. Shot by Stefan Kocev. Shop the full RVCA Sport Women's Collection here.

Joe Grillo Collection

Joe Grillo (b. 1980, Meteor City, USA) has exhibited works in the US & internationally. He has had exhibitions at The Hole, CANADA Gallery, Deitch Projects, Allegra LaViola Gallery, New York; Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Loyal Gallery, Sweden; V1, Copenhagen, Denmark; Max Wigram, London, UK; Peres Projects, Berlin, Germany; and Andreas Melas Presents, Athens, Greece; amongst others. In 1998, Grillo co-founded the artist collective Dearraindrop. Grillo currently lives and works in Virginia Beach, VA.

Neutral Collection | Summer '18

In a time when lines are more blurred than ever, we are inspired to explore the idea of the undefined. Clothing is used as a form of self-expression, with this collection we intend to bridge the gap and provide a neutral platform for people to do just that. We have taken a minimalistic approach, with comfort and wearability at the forefront. Using soft hand fabrics, heavy laundering and indigo dyes to create worn in timeless pieces. With subtle hints of work wear and utilitarian styling, each piece is designed for versatility, to look good and wear well on anyone and allow the wearer to style their own way. View the full lookbook shot by RVCA advocate Andrea Dosouto below and shop the full Neutral Collection.

RVCA Trunks | Baja California

Chasing waves below the border, RVCA advocates Ford Archbold, Matt Pagan, Nathan Strom & Grant Noble, cruise the Baja coast line in search of south swells and warm water, in hopes of finding some uncrowded surf. Taking on a fresh head space in desolate waters leads to creative expression. Waves were found and fun was had, both at sea and on land. They exist within the place without compromising its true natures. Sometimes a new location can take hold of a traveler, as the charisma of both personality and place combine to create a whole new artifact. Surfing and moving and living in the current help to keep real life enjoyable. Shop the full Trunks Collection.

Margaux Arramon Tucoo Collection

This season we collaborated with RVCA Advocate Margaux Arramon Tucoo to create a Special Edition collection for both our Mens and Womens line. Margaux is a French traveler, surfer and painter. Her close ties to nature and the ocean combined with a creative upbringing have inspired her incredibly stylish surfing. This collection incorporates Margaux's marble art prints into trunks & swim pieces, along with her block prints into a trunk, tee & button up.

Anywear Swim Lookbook | Summer '18

Summer never ends in California. This season we head out to San Francisco with RVCA advocate Andrea Dosouto and our friends Gana & Dajana, passing through the city in our latest collection of one pieces and swim separates. We search the city for unfamiliar territory, late nights, and new horizons. There is always somewhere to escape and from sunrise to sundown we don't let Summer end. We hope you enjoy our Anywear Swim Lookbook for Summer '18. Photographed by Andrea Dosouto. Shop the full Swim Collection.

Birdwell X RVCA V2

RVCA joins forces with Birdwell for their second limited collection of classic beachwear, blending the creativity and artistic expression of two American-apparel pioneers. RVCA founder, PM Tenore, and Birdwell creative director, Natas Kaupas, worked to design a line that is true to both brands’ vision and aesthetic. The merging of ideas from two great creative minds gives way to a timeless collaboration.

This updated collection takes inspiration from race cars and fighter planes, the highlight piece of the collection is the Warbird 18 Trunk. Only 250 of these trunks were made — logos, trims and patterns were a mash up of ideas that resulted in a special trunk, like no other. They are hand-signed and numbered by Tenore and Kaupas.

The rest of the collection takes prints and branding from the Warbird 18 trunk with a more subtle approach to build out a well-rounded line that will attract any surf or style enthusiast. The collection will be available at specialty surf retailers starting on April 1st and at RVCA.COM. The collection will also be showcased at Ron Robinson in Santa Monica on April 12th, 2018 at their “Festival Styling” event.

Clandestina | Spring ’18 Lookbook

This season we explore Havana, Cuba through the eyes of RVCA advocate Andrea DoSouto, two locals named Diana and Enrique, and our new friend Rocio from Sevilla, Spain. It was the perfect backdrop for the new RVCA collection... we went back in time where the past is literally meeting the present in a place once off-limits to most Americans. We got to go beyond the Old Havana tourist district and explore the Centro Habana and Vedado neighborhoods, and the long stretch of seawall called the Malecon.

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