RVCA Denim Fit Guide

RVCA Denim is a manifestation of RVCA’s ethos, the balance of opposites -- designed for now, but meant to stay through the ages. Our goal is to provide you with dependable jeans that you expect to age with; a piece of clothing that eventually becomes a walking journal of your triumphs and travels, a living record of your proud spills and scars.

Holiday '16 Gift Guide

Welcome to the RVCA Holiday '16 gift guide, featuring an essential gift offering from our latest collection. Happy Holidays!

RVCA Platform

In recognition of artists, known & unknown, we present RVCA PLATFORM—This program invites a hand-selected artist each month to create a limited edition design that we release every 30 days on our premium RVCA Red Stitch tees. RVCA PLATFORM products are available on the first of each month at RVCA.com.

Denim DIY | RVCA Womens

Denim DIY featuring RVCA Advocates Andrea DoSouto, Imogen Caldwell, Kylea Borges, Lily Meola, Mahina Alexander, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Michelle Blade, Nora Vasconcellos, Sylve Colless & Zoe McDougall.

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