Tahiti Pehrson | Inspired By...

"My work has a lot to do with symmetry, compositional balance, and perception: I like the idea of it being somewhat universal and relatable to a wider framework." Take a close up look into the process behind the amazing artwork of RVCA Advocate Tahiti Pehrson. More on Tahiti and his artwork here.

Filming by David Nicholson, Camen Hodges, and Simon Weller. Filmed in his hometown of Nevada City, California.
Music: "Sleepers Wake" by Them Hills.

Check out the Tahiti Pehrson Collection here.

McKenzie Bowden | Indonesia

Watch RVCA Advocate McKenzie Bowden on his recent hunt for waves throughout Indonesia. Video by Owen Milne.

Shane Borland | One Session at Venice Park

Shane-O ripping Venice Skatepark on a fine summers day in LA. Video by Brandon Jensen.

Inside the Mind of Rafael Mendes

Go inside the mind of 6x world champion Rafael Mendes as he sits down with former UFC fighter Kenny Florian and discusses his most recent world title at the 2016 IBJJF World Championships. Rafael also talks about his competition mindset, his approach to jiu jitsu and what he feels sets him apart.

Video by Change for Balance.

Welcome to the family | Luke Davis

We are glad to welcome Luke Davis to the RVCA Family!

"I've been hanging out with PM TENORE for the past 2 years and have so much respect for him. When the opportunity presented itself to work with RVCA it was a no brainer! I love everything about the brand and I am very excited that I'm able to collaborate with so many unique and talented individuals. I'm very excited about what this next chapter has to offer." -- Luke on joining RVCA.

Video by Blaine Suque.

Curren Caples | Inspired By...

Curren Caples, Inspired By... Ventura, CA. Even whilst traveling the world, Curren's hometown is what's shaped him into an extremely talented skateboarder and surfer. Video by Brandon Jensen.

The Thrill is Back | Wedge

Nathan Fletcher narrates the ins and outs of the Wedge in this installment of our Thrill is Back series, featuring archival footage from Herbie Fletcher.

Greyson Fletcher | Raw in South Africa

"Greyson was on an absolute terror", said filmer Brandon Jensen during the RVCA South Africa Tour. Enjoy this raw montage of Greyson Fletcher from one of our most memorable skate trips abroad.

Video by Brandon Jensen.

Ellis Ericson | Inspired By...

Ellis Ericson, Inspired By... Surfboard Design. Here Ellis looks back on his history with RVCA and lays down a few turns for good measure. Video by Blaine Suque.

Margaux Arramon-Tucoo | Inspired By...

"I am inspired by the ephemeral space of time; the moments that die and are reborn through the way they make us feel." -- Take a look inside the life and mind of French surfer and artist Margaux Arramon-Tucoo in this installment of our Inspired By series. Video by Claudia Lederer. Music by Lee-Ann Curren.

Check out Margaux's collaboration with Marynn for the womens Summer '16 La Petite Mort Collection.

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