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ANP Quarterly is an arts magazine published by RVCA with a focus on a broader sense of art and community. The idea behind this endeavor is to make a magazine that will educate and inform openly and without the social or financial restrictions that plague many publications today and contribute more often than not to the "same old thing" again and again. Our goal is not to focus on current events or "who's hot" but rather to bring forward people and phenomena that deserve acknowledgement and coverage regardless of their place in time. For as long as we can make it happen, this magazine will be completely FREE and without advertising. We are beholden to nobody, save our own conscience, RVCA included. ANP Quarterly will be distributed around the world through galleries, bookstores, clothing and record shops.

Kelsey Brookes | Psychedelic Space

RVCA ANP Artist Kelsey Brookes will be having a book signing for his new print publication 'Psychedelic Space' Saturday, September 5th from 5-7pm at Quint Gallery in San Diego. The gallery will be showing this new print edition and a selection of new paintings by Kelsey from September 5th-26th. 'Psychedelic Space' is also now available in our online bookstore. Video by Chase Cruz.

Danny Fuller | Liquid Horizon

On August 11th Venus Over Los Angeles presented an Exhibition of new works by RVCA Advocate Danny Fuller titled "Liquid Horizon".

For the past 15 years Fuller has also pursued a passion for photography, documenting the seascapes he has encountered while travelling the globe. Relying on little aside from his medium format camera and the lunar calendar, Fuller often works at night, using the moonlight to capture the rich gradations of color and harmonious lines generated by the ocean vistas. Shot with an exposure time ranging from a few minutes up to an hour, Fuller’s images both convey and encapsulate the continuous motion of waves and sky, incorporating them into a single visual entity.

Fuller’s photography communicates his physical relationship with the water as well as his spiritual tie to the sport of surfing to which he has dedicated his life. Influenced by artists such as William Turner, Mark Rothko, and Hiroshi Sugimoto, he captures the horizon as both a participant and an observer.

Opening Night Photos by Delon Issacs

Orange Sunshine and the Mystic Artists

From July 27 to September 26, 2015, Coastline Art Gallery at Coastline Community College in Newport Beach presents Orange Sunshine and the Mystic Artists, 1967-1970. This groundbreaking exhibition is the first to examine psychedelic art produced in Orange County by the Mystic Artists, a loosely organized group of artists interested in alternative culture, mystical experience, and the transformation of society. These artists congregated and exhibited their art at Mystic Arts World, a psychedelic emporium in Laguna Beach, which existed from 1967 to 1970. The shop was ground zero for hippie culture in Southern California during the late 1960s and early 1970s, and rich artistic and perceptual experimentation grew out of this burgeoning psychedelic culture. Here are photos from the opening night by Delon Issacs.

ANP Quarterly Vol 2 / No 8

ANP Quarterly Volume 2 Number 8 features articles with VDROME, Either Way, Portland Museum of Modern Art, Top 40, Pacific to the Company, Clara Cakes, Khallil Joseph, Matt Connors, Go Girl, Dark Entries, Ed Templeton, The Hippie Mafia, Deadbeat Club, Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers), Feelings Film Festival, Letizia Battaglia, Jim Drain, Smoke on the Water, Dorothy Iannone & Jesse Spears.

The Vitality and Verve | ANP Quarterly launch

On Wednesday, July 8th RVCA & Pow! Wow! Long Beach presented "The Vitality and Verve" street art exhibition and ANP Quarterly launch party. The event followed the opening of Agenda Long Beach and was held at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Cocktails and Appetizers were served and music was provided by Ray Barbee and Josh Harmony's band "Freckles". Photos by Delon Ranger.

Ourselves, Our Vessels & Nomad | VASF

On May 22nd RVCA SF proudly hosted a group of RVCA Womens Artists and Advocates for "Ourselves, Our Vessels" & "Nomad". The show included a window installation from ANP Artists Kylea Borges & Michelle Blade with a gallery show by Alex Matus, Andrea DoSouto, Nina Miller Long, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo and Melissa Grisancich. "The She's" were also on hand providing some tunes for the night. The exhibition will be in display until July 9th at RVCA SF.


Trent Whitehead | The Rest Is In You

Trent Whitehead’s recent solo exhibition ‘ The Rest Is In You’ consists of his meticulously detailed smaller works and his larger psychedelic patterned paintings. The title of the exhibition is more of an open question, allowing the viewer to perceive the works without a force fed message, or in the hope it gives them comfort of not knowing if these mysterious beings and their luminescent environment are from the past, future or another dimension. Here are photos of his opening at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Australia on April 10th.

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